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Protecting your investment is a big deal and you shouldn’t trust just anyone to do so. Considering how expensive pavers are, why would any sane person only consider price when hiring a contractor? It’s not hard to mess up pavers and we have experience with all kinds of bricks as well as different stones. Starting with bare brick is essential to achieving the look you want from your paving. Any and all old dealers must be removed and any stains or efflorescence must be treated properly. We use a closed vacuum system with hot water pressure washers and professional chemicals to remove any sealer, stains or organic material from the pavers. This is the most efficient and eco-conscious method. It ensures your property stays neat while keeping nasty chemicals out of storm drains and lakes. When it’s time to seal, we use only water based urethane sealer. Especially in Florida, working with pavers can be tricky due to the moisture content in the soil. If you seal up its escape route, it can lead to unsightly white spotting and other complications. Ure seal H2O, our favorite sealer to use, leaves the bricks breathable. Moisture is allowed to evaporate, so there isn’t worry of more problems with your pavers. 


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Highly Recommended!!

5.0 rating
August 25, 2018

I hired Dave to come out and remove sealer for a paver pool deck that was done by the home owner that was not done correctly. He did a fantastic job, very respectful and caring for the home owners property. Goat is the the only company that I know of with a set up to remove sealer without leaving harsh chemicals around the property.

Paver Rescue

Thanks Goat!

5.0 rating
August 25, 2018

I hired The Goat Property Services to strip failed sealer from a brick paver driveway prior to reseal… and WOW! I cannot say how impressed I was with Dave and Shelby. They were on time, efficient, and incredibly thorough. Each paver was gone over with a fine tooth comb. I would happily reccomend them to anyone in search of their services! Thanks Goat!

Joshua Sola

Keep Up The Amazing Work!

5.0 rating
August 25, 2018

The Goat is the way to go! It’s hard to find good contractors that you can trust to show up on time, and to solve your problems the right way the first time! I’m proud to work in the industry with guys doing business the right way. Dave your the man!

Jared Swan

It’s better than perfect

5.0 rating
August 29, 2018

Two years into our new pool, we decided it was time to reseal our paver deck. Wanting to save few bucks we went to our local Home Depot and requested a recommendation for the best “Wet Look” paver seal they had.
We completely destroyed our pavers after following the instructions to a tee. Instead of pulling out the color, we were left with an opaque whitish film that hid almost all the color… It was disgusting…
My wife and I were desperate.
We found Dave Starling on line thru Paver Rescue and asked for a home visit and an estimate. He promised the end result would be as new. We were skeptical but desperate…
Dave actually delivered a better than new result!
They were able to completely remove the mess we had created. But instead of applying the same color sand, he suggested a black sand that would better match our paver color and fencing.
It perfect – It’s better than perfect; and we absolutely offer Dave Starling of Goat Property Services our best recommendation. Communication and on-time service for the duration of the job…

Raul Mora
5.0 rating
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